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Chasing James Gandolfini:

Donna I just finished you book. You did a masterful job of illuminating the ways in which our unresolved suffering, often unknown to us, disables us and binds us painfully and causes us to make decisions. You book was eye opening to the struggle of addiction. I am a mental health therapist who has a government grant to treat addiction and you nailed the struggle. Kudos to a great book that would make a spectacular movie.

Thomas Parsons

Get your copy of Chasing James Gandolfini!! Loved it. It is a true story that most of us can identify with. Sometimes we need those times in our lives to take us away from the bad, accomplishments that make us feel better, goals that motivate us to do better. This true story about just that. Experience this journey, read the book, sometimes we need to know we are not the only one that experienced bad times in our live, it gives us hope that anything can be accomplished if we put our mind to it.

Kat Morris

I read the hard copy and thought the book was well written. Ups and downs of a young woman’s life journey. Love, bullying and overcoming drugs. One can read this book in one shot. It captivates you to the end. I don’t typically write reviews but I couldn’t when I saw the negative review. Read the book for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

Angela Santos



I bought this book for my 5 year old nephew. I love the story. Cute and educational for youngsters. Help them to understand how to treat others. It’s eye catching with the bright colors and the pictures are adorable. It’s really geared for little ones. I would Recommend this book to any parent looking to educate their child on bullying.

Angela Santos







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